Jeep Windshield Wiper Replacement: Your Comprehensive Step-by-Step Guide


Hey there everyone, it’s your boy Artie back with another video. Today, we’re tackling the task of replacing the wiper blades on our Jeep Wrangler JL, which has clocked in at 21,000 miles. We’ll be switching both wiper blades, opting for the size 16 Bosch icons which I highly recommend. I’ve had a great experience with them on other vehicles due to their durability and ability to withstand heat.

As you can see, the existing wiper blade has suffered damage from the heat and needs replacing. I’ll also include the Amazon links for these wiper blades in the description below if you’re interested in purchasing them.

Let’s jump into the process. First, lift the wiper arm and be cautious not to let it accidentally fall on the windshield. There’s a small tab to press in order to release the old wiper blade. Once removed, we can proceed to install the new Bosch icon wiper blade.

Upon opening the new wiper blade packaging, you’ll notice the simple process of sliding and clicking it into place. It’s a straightforward replacement that ensures a secure fit.

With both wiper blades successfully replaced, this DIY is quick and easy, taking only around 30 seconds. I hope this video was helpful to you. If you’re new to the channel, give it a thumbs up and consider subscribing for more content. Until next time, peace!

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