Definitive Guide to Toyota Camry Key Fob Battery Replacement

Welcome to Program Your Mom! Today, we’ll walk you through the process of changing the battery in your Toyota Camry smart key. All you’ll need is a CR2032 battery and a small screwdriver or similarly pointed tool to get started.

First, remove the emergency key from the bottom of the smart key by holding the release button and pulling the key out. There’s a slot where the key fits, so make sure it’s pushed all the way in and then turn it to unlock and pop open the smart key.

Once open, you’ll see the battery. Now, use the screwdriver to carefully pop the old battery out from its slot. Then, insert the new CR2032 battery, making sure the plus side is facing up. It’s always a good idea to test the key before reassembling it to ensure the new battery is working.

Finally, check that any rubber grommet inside the key is properly seated before closing it up. Once everything looks good, reassemble the key, and you’re all set!

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What do I need to change the battery on Toyota’s smart key for the Camry?

You’ll need a new CR2032 battery and a small screwdriver or something with a little point on it to help get the battery out.

How do I remove the emergency key from the smart key?

Hold the little release over and then the key will come out. There’s a little bit of a lip on the key that fits in a slot on the smart key. Push it all the way in and turn it to unlock and pop the smart key open.

How do I change the battery in Toyota’s smart key for the Camry?

Use a small screwdriver to pop the old battery out, then install the new CR2032 battery with the plus side up. Make sure to check if the battery is working before putting it back together.

What should I check before putting the smart key back together after changing the battery?

Check if the rubber grommet is seated properly to ensure the smart key will shut.

Where can I find more information or ask questions about changing the smart key battery?

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