How to Remove a Toyota Corolla Door Handle: A Step-by-Step Guide

If you need to replace the inner door handle on the driver’s side or any other door of your Toyota Corolla, this guide will help you through the process. Let’s get started.

To begin, you’ll need to remove the door panel. Start at the inner door handle by removing the little cap covering the mounting screw. Use a pick or a screwdriver to pry it open and then remove the screw with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Next, remove the sail panel at the top of the door using a plastic trim tool to avoid damaging the paint. Lift up the master window switch, disconnect the electrical connector, and remove the switch.

After that, remove the armrest/grab handle by unscrewing the anchor screws for the door panel and gently prying off the panel, releasing the clips.

With the door panel removed, slide the old door handle backwards, flip it over, and remove the two cables attached to it. The green one goes to the handle, and the white one goes to the lock. Replace the handle by attaching the cables to the new handle in the correct positions.

Once the new handle is in place, reattach the door panel by positioning it correctly and tapping the push clips into place. Secure the anchor screws, reinsert the master window switch, and put the sail panel back.

And there you have it! You’ve successfully replaced the inner door handle on your Toyota Corolla. Thank you for using this guide.

What is the first step to replace the inner door handle?

Start by removing the little cap that covers the mounting screw using a pick or a pocket screwdriver.

How do you remove the sail panel on the top of the door?

Use a plastic trim tool to carefully pop the sail panel off, avoiding any potential scratches or damages to the paint.

What is the next step after removing the sail panel?

Lift up the master window switch and disconnect the main electrical connector by pinching both ends and pulling it straight out.

How do you remove the door panel?

Use a trim tool to pry the door panel’s clips open, lift the door panel up and off the windowsill, and set it aside.

What are the steps to replace the door handle?

Slide the old door handle backwards, remove the two cables (green for the handle, white for the lock), then hook in and lock the new cables into the new handle, and slide the new handle into place before reattaching the door panel.

Any final tips for reassembling the door panel?

Ensure the wiring for the master switch comes through, tap all the push clips into place, and securely tighten the screws and bolts back in.

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