Tesla Manual Transmission: Why Retrofit and How to Experience the Surprise Revelation

Many car enthusiasts enjoy the thrill of driving a manual transmission car. In a recent video, I showcased a unique modification I made to my Tesla, installing a manual shifter. As an avid fan of manual transmission cars, the idea of retrofitting my Tesla with a manual shifter was an intriguing and fun project for me.

Why Retrofit a Tesla with a Manual Shifter?

My passion for driving manual transmission cars led me to explore the possibility of adding a manual shifter to my Tesla. While I appreciate the driving experience of the electric vehicle, I missed the interaction and excitement of shifting gears. I felt that the addition of a manual shifter would inject the fun and engagement I missed in driving my Tesla.

The Retrofit Process

I discovered a solution that allowed me to retrofit my Tesla with a manual shifter, providing me with the joy of shifting gears and rev-matching. The installation included a gated shifter that offered a notchy and clicky feel, reminiscent of traditional manual transmission cars.

Experiencing the Manual Shifter

During a test drive with the retrofitted manual shifter, I experienced the thrill of shifting through five forward gears and one reverse gear, closely simulating the experience of driving a manual transmission car. The addition of the manual shifter significantly enhanced the driving experience, especially on twisty roads and during acceleration.

The Surprise Revelation

As the video progresses, it becomes evident that the manual shifter retrofit was, in fact, an entertaining April Fool’s joke. The novelty shifter, created by Shifter Ninja, ingeniously mimicked the feel of a manual transmission car, adding a playful and humorous element to the driving experience.


While the manual shifter retrofit was a lighthearted prank, it illustrated the sheer enjoyment and engagement a manual transmission offers to car enthusiasts. The inventive gadget provided a unique and entertaining driving experience, further emphasizing the thrill of driving a manual transmission car.

Whether you’re a Tesla owner or an automatic transmission car driver, the idea of retrofitting a manual shifter, even if it’s just for a playful joke, adds an element of fun and novelty to the driving experience. While the manual shifter retrofit may have been a prank, it highlighted the enduring appeal of manual transmission cars and the enjoyment they bring to driving enthusiasts.

What did the video show?

The video showcased the retrofitting of a Tesla with a manual shifter. The presenter initially explained the reason for undertaking this modification, detailing their preference for manual transmission cars and the desire to add a sense of interaction and fun to the driving experience of the Tesla.

What features did the manual shifter have?

The manual shifter was described as having a gated design, providing notchy and super clicky gear shifts. It included gear designations for one to five forward gears and one reverse gear, as well as a weighted shift knob and additional gauges for a realistic manual transmission feel. The shifter was commended for enhancing the driving experience and creating the illusion of driving a manual transmission car.

Where can the shifter be obtained?

The presenter provided a link in the video description for viewers interested in acquiring the shifter. Additionally, a discount coupon code was offered as an incentive for potential buyers.

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