Hyundai Elantra Tail Light Bulb Replacement: Step-by-Step Guide

Are you wondering how to remove and replace the tail light bulbs on your 2016 Model 11T? Look no further! We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide on how to do it effectively.

First and foremost, when dealing with the tail light, it’s important to note that there are three bulbs for the tail light on this model: one on the outside and two on the inside. We’ll demonstrate how to remove the tail light and replace the bulbs, so stick with us to learn the process.

To begin, you will need a 10 millimeter socket or a wrench to remove the three nuts carefully. Be mindful not to drop them inside the trunk, as it can complicate the process. Once the nuts are removed, disconnect the wires by pushing in on the centerpiece and pulling them out. Afterward, you can proceed to replace the bulbs.

It’s essential to pay attention to a hidden clip holding the tail light in place. Ensure that the metal piece goes between the two rubber walls when reinstalling the tail light to prevent any damage.

When it comes to the actual bulbs, there are three: a small one, a big one for brake and tail lights, and another one. To replace the big bulb, you need to remove the small one first by twisting it and then pulling it out. The same applies to the other bulbs—twist and pull to remove them and insert the new ones by twisting them in the opposite direction to lock them in place.

Once the new bulbs are in place, put everything back together in reverse order and ensure the nuts are securely tightened. And there you have it—your tail light bulbs have been successfully replaced!

For more information and links to the bulbs, check out our website or the video description. Thank you for watching, and stay tuned for more useful tutorials!

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