Understanding Hyundai IVT Transmission: A Comprehensive Breakdown

Hyundai has introduced its newly developed Smart Stream Intelligent Variable Transmission also known as IVT. This innovative take on the automatic transmission is designed to provide better fuel economy and a smoother yet more responsive driving experience.

When it comes to fuel economy, internal combustion engines are most efficient when they operate within an optimal power range. In comparison to other automatic transmissions, Hyundai Smart Stream IVT enables the engine to spend more time in the sweet spot, ultimately contributing to good performance while using less fuel.

Diving into the aspect of smoothness, during acceleration, a conventional automatic transmission requires several gear ratio changes which involve momentarily disconnecting the engine from the driveline while a gear shift is made, leading to a perceived interruption in the vehicle’s movement. In contrast, driving a Hyundai with a Smart Stream IVT results in minimal if any loss of momentum during ratio changes, providing increased comfort for passengers, especially in urban settings and traffic where frequent transmission shifts occur.

Furthermore, the responsiveness of Hyundai’s IVT is notable as it changes ratios more rapidly than a conventional automatic transmission, allowing for quicker delivery of engine power to the wheels with reduced delay and lag. By constantly keeping the engine in its optimal power band, the IVT ensures readiness for acceleration.

For those seeking a sportier driving experience, the option to engage sport mode is available to further enhance responsiveness through adjustments to engine, steering, and transmission settings. Hyundai’s commitment to enhancing the driving experience is evident through the introduction of the innovative Smart Stream Intelligent Variable Transmission, aiming to improve fuel economy while offering a smooth and responsive drive in all their vehicles.

What is Hyundai’s Smart Stream Intelligent Variable Transmission?

Hyundai’s Smart Stream Intelligent Variable Transmission, also known as IVT, is a newly developed automatic transmission designed to deliver better fuel economy and a smoother yet more responsive driving experience. It allows the engine to spend more time in the optimal power range, resulting in good performance while using less fuel. Additionally, it facilitates smoother gear ratio changes, leading to more comfort for occupants, especially in frequent transmission shifts during town driving and traffic.

How does the Smart Stream IVT improve fuel economy and driving experience?

The Smart Stream IVT enables the engine to operate more efficiently within its optimal power band, resulting in better fuel economy. It also facilitates smoother gear ratio changes during acceleration, leading to a more comfortable driving experience with barely felt interruptions to the vehicle’s forward momentum. Furthermore, the transmission’s responsiveness allows for quicker and more seamless engine power delivery to the wheels, reducing delay and lag.

Can the driving feel be enhanced with Hyundai’s Smart Stream IVT?

Yes, the driving feel can be further enhanced by selecting sport mode, which adjusts engine, steering, and transmission settings to deliver maximum responsiveness, contributing to a sportier driving experience. Overall, the Smart Stream IVT aims to improve the driving experience in Hyundai vehicles by enhancing fuel economy and delivering a smoother, more responsive drive.

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