Jeep Cherokee Service 4WD System Reset: A Comprehensive Guide

If you have recently taken your car for an airbag recall, you might encounter unexpected issues afterward. A car owner recently shared their experience with a 2019 Jeep Cherokee and the problems they faced after returning from the dealer.

The owner revealed that following the airbag recall service, they started getting a “service four-wheel drive” light appearing intermittently on the dashboard. Additionally, they noticed problems with the radio reception, particularly with AM stations.

Upon inspection, the owner discovered that the battery ground terminal was left loose by the dealer after the airbag recall. This loose connection was the cause of the service light and radio issues. Once they tightened the ground terminal, the service four-wheel drive light went out, and the intermittent radio problems also ceased.

The owner advised fellow car owners to check the battery ground terminal if they experience similar issues after getting their car back from a recall or service. Loose connections can lead to various electrical problems, given the complexity of modern vehicle electronics.

It’s essential to ensure both the positive and negative terminals are securely fastened to avoid potential electrical issues in your car.

What is the issue with the service four-wheel drive light in my 2019 Jeep Cherokee after an airbag recall?

The service four-wheel drive light may come on intermittently after an airbag recall due to a loose battery ground terminal. In this case, it was discovered that the dealership left the battery ground terminal loose, causing the light to come on. Tightening the battery ground terminal resolved the issue, as it also affected the radio reception and other electronics in the vehicle.

What should I check if I experience issues with the service four-wheel drive light after a recall or dealership visit?

After receiving your car back from a recall or dealership visit, it is recommended to check if the battery ground terminal has been tightened. A loose battery ground terminal can cause various electrical problems, including the activation of the service four-wheel drive light and issues with other vehicle electronics.

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