Mastering the Jeep Gladiator: Your Comprehensive Guide to Operating the Soft Top Down

When it comes to lowering your soft top on a vehicle, you have the option to remove the rear window and quarter panel assemblies, or leave them on the vehicle.

If you choose to remove them, you can start with the rear window. Use the bottom straps located on each side to remove the plastic retainers at the lower corners and the lower center retainer. Then, keep the rear window level and slide it outward until it’s completely separate from its retainer. It’s important not to pull downward to avoid damaging the retainer.

Next, you’ll need to remove the quarter panels. Undo the hook and loop fastener at the upper front corner of the assembly, then pull up on the lower corner of the panel to disengage the assembly from its retainer on the door frame. Finally, pull the quarter panel up and out from the bottom. If your vehicle is equipped with a Soft Top Rear Window Storage Bag, you can store the quarter panel assemblies and the rear window in it.

Once the rear window and quarter panels are taken care of, you can proceed to lower the soft top into the Sunrider position. With the help of a second person, move to the front of the vehicle, fold both sun visors forward against the windshield, and release the header latches from the crossbar by pulling the handle downward. Be sure the hook is disengaged from its receiver.

From both the left and right sides, begin lifting up on the #1 Bow, then move to the side of the vehicle and use the side link to finish folding the soft top to the rear. Finally, use the two hook-and-loop fasteners provided in the center console to secure the soft top, and you’re ready to go.

Remember, this video is not a substitute for your Owner’s Manual. For complete details and other important safety information, please refer to your Owner’s Information.

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