Understanding P0108 Ford Error: Causes, Diagnostics, and Solutions

Welcome to your canik today here in the mechanic we got our 2013 Ford Fusion and we’re gonna check the check engine light to see what’s wrong. We’ve got our OBD2 scanner hooked up to the OBD port and we’re gonna hit enter to start the diagnostic to figure out what the problem is. It says that our light is on, so we’re gonna read the stored code and it’s the manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor.

We’re gonna start the car and see if we can observe the symptoms. The idle is a little fluctuating, which can lead to bad fuel mileage. To replace the MAP sensor, it’s right down attached to the intake manifold and it’s just one bolt and a clamp to undo. After replacing it, make sure to clear the code to ensure the problem is fixed.

Back in the car, with the key in the on position and the scanner still hooked up, we’re going to erase the code, start the car, and ensure everything is working correctly. That’s how you replace your MAP sensor on your Ford Fusion.

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What is the issue with the check engine light?

The stored code indicates a problem with the manifold absolute pressure sensor.

What are the symptoms of the issue?

The only noticeable symptom is fluctuating idle, which can lead to bad fuel mileage.

How do you replace the manifold air pressure sensor?

To replace the sensor, you need to undo the one bolt and the clamp holding it, then pop out the old sensor and insert the new one, ensuring proper reconnection of the electrical connector.

How do you clear the error code after replacing the sensor?

With the scanner still hooked up, go to the erase codes option, select yes, and start the car to ensure the problem is resolved.

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