P0137 Honda: Understanding and Troubleshooting This Common OBD-II Code

Today we’ll be addressing the Honda P0137 trouble code, understanding what it signifies, and the steps to rectify it.

When your Honda displays the P0137 code, it indicates an issue with the oxygen sensor circuit low voltage, specifically for Bank One Sensor Two. The vehicle’s onboard computer relies on various sensors to gauge the oxygen levels entering and exiting the engine. The error, in this case, pertains to the sensor that monitors the burned off oxygen after the catalytic converter, located on the side of the engine with the number one cylinder.

There are several potential causes for this issue, including a faulty oxygen sensor, open or shorted sensor wiring, poorly connected harness, or a defective fuse or relay. It’s essential to note that there are typically two oxygen sensors in a single exhaust system: the upstream sensor before the catalytic converter (Sensor 1) and the downstream sensor after the catalytic converter (Sensor 2). While some opt to replace both sensors, the focus should primarily be on the second sensor triggering the P0137 code.

When faced with this code, the initial step is to inspect the wiring of the second oxygen sensor meticulously. Any damage or disconnection could emulate the symptoms of a malfunctioning sensor. Additionally, check the corresponding fuse or relay, often located in the engine compartment, as failure in these components can also lead to wiring issues.

Following the thorough inspection of the wiring, the next course of action involves testing or replacing the second oxygen sensor. Replacements are commonly preferred and are relatively affordable, with prices ranging from $40 to $50. Once the sensor and wiring have been addressed, the problem is likely to be resolved.

So, if you encounter a Honda with the P0137 code, prioritize scrutinizing the downstream oxygen sensor and its wiring. After confirming the wiring integrity, proceed to test or replace the second oxygen sensor. This approach is the key to resolving the P0137 trouble code in your Honda.

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What is a Honda p0137 code?

It’s an oxygen sensor circuit low voltage Bank One sensor two. The onboard computer uses different sensors to measure oxygen levels in the engine. Bank one refers to the side of the engine with the number one cylinder and Sensor 2 is the downstream oxygen sensor, located after the catalytic converter.

What are the possible causes of the p0137 code?

Possible causes include a bad oxygen sensor, open or short in the sensor wiring, poorly connected harness, or a bad fuse or relay.

How to fix a Honda with the p0137 code?

First, check the wiring of the second oxygen sensor located downstream after the catalytic converter. Ensure good connection and look for any damage. Test or replace the second oxygen sensor, usually solving the problem.

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