P0496 Ford Escape: Comprehensive Guide on Diagnosis & Solutions

Dealing with car issues can be challenging, especially when it involves a vehicle communication problem. In a recent video, we witnessed the troubleshooting and repair process of a vehicle with such an issue. The transcript of the enlightening video is provided below.


Convenient place for it

Auto detect

Scanning one of eleven

Two or eleven


Ah come on

That’s one thing i hate about the octal

It can be slow at times it can be slow

Not stuck it’s stuck right here

Come on 9 11.


What we’ll get here





Like you were thinking of established vehicle communication already

As much as it had been communicating with the vehicle before it got to this point


PO PO456 very small leak system

High purge floor


I hear a ticking sound

I can feel it coming from right here


I got the strangest feeling that it’s stuck open



Calm down for a minute and start kicking real strong

Again calm down


Let’s stop here stop all

You right come loose right here right here somewhere well back in there

So uh here’s the deal some of these

The whole thing got to come off so down here where you see the green clip you gotta come loose from there

It’s kind of hard to get to right here follow this too all with that connects to there you can see the white connector why connect here okay

So now that i got it off it’s like one big it’s like one big long hoses i don’t know why they did that when the valve was right here they could have just made hoses to come off right here they didn’t have to do all this it’s unnecessary you know

Anyway removal installation is basically forward

No no you got little ends like this they easy to disconnect over their ends like this they go up and down down there get the other end it goes like that


Oh yeah you got the electric connection don’t forget that don’t forget to plug it up and you’re done

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