P0805 Ford Focus: Understanding and Troubleshooting Common Issues

If you have a Ford Focus 2013 that’s intermittently not moving forward and setting error codes like p0805 for the clutch actuator and clutch position sensor, you’re not alone. This issue can also result in missing gears one, three, and five, making the driving experience quite frustrating.

Upon diagnosing the problem, it was noted that the car was hesitating, emitting a burnt clutch odor, and the traction control light was coming on intermittently. Various attempts were made to replicate the issue, including swapping actuators A and B to see if the problem transferred, but the car seemed to behave normally, making it challenging to pin down the exact cause of the issue.

After clearing the error codes and test driving the car, the problem reoccurred, pointing specifically to clutch A. This diagnosis indicated that the car was under warranty for the A TCM, and the next step was to order a TCM for further investigation.

During the diagnosis, it was also mentioned that potential wiring issues in the transmission harness could be checked, and if needed, the harness could be easily replaced. Additionally, a demonstration of checking the clutch actuators’ wiring was provided for those interested in doing their own inspections before resorting to a TCM replacement.

Ultimately, it was advised to keep an eye on the car’s performance and, if the issue resurfaced with a different error code or persisted with the same code, appropriate actions such as TCM replacement or harness inspection and replacement would be the next steps to consider.

While the specific issue in this case was not definitively resolved during the diagnostic session, it gives insight into the complexities of diagnosing intermittent transmission issues and the steps a technician would take to address such problems.

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