Step-by-Step Guide: Programming Your Tesla Key Card Without Original Key

Hey everyone, it’s lens addict here, and I’m excited to share my experience with the phone key for the Tesla Model 3. Today, I’ll be delving into the process of pairing the phone key and taking a closer look at its functionality.

Upon receiving the phone key, it came in a neat little packet featuring a QR code with the car’s VIN number and the words “Tesla made in France.” Inside the envelope, I found the phone key, which allows for starting and unlocking the car, offering a convenient alternative to using the phone for these functions. The key, adorned with the Tesla logo, features instructions for unlocking the car by placing it on the designated pillar. After demonstrating the locking and unlocking process with the key, I proceeded to pair the phone key to explore its capabilities further.

During the setup, I tapped the key fob to complete the phone key pairing, and to my delight, it seamlessly integrated with the Tesla app. The phone key proved to be a versatile and user-friendly addition to the Tesla Model 3, allowing for effortless car access and operation.

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What is the phone key for Tesla Model 3?

The phone key for Tesla Model 3 allows you to start and unlock the car using a digital key on your smartphone.

How does the physical key card work?

The physical key card can be used to start and unlock the car by placing it on the designated area on the car’s pillar. It can also be used to lock the car.

Can multiple keys be used with Tesla Model 3?

Yes, multiple keys such as phone keys and key fobs can be added and removed from the Tesla Model 3. The process involves tapping the existing key to approve the addition or removal.

How to set up the phone key for Tesla Model 3?

To set up the phone key, use the Tesla app to communicate with the car and follow the on-screen instructions to tap the key fob for setup. Once completed, the phone key will be added to the Tesla app.

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