Step-by-Step Guide: Removing a Ford Ignition Cylinder Without a Key

Today’s mission is to get the falcon up and running. Currently sitting in a Walmart parking lot in the lovely Whitewater, Wisconsin, I am on the hunt for leaf springs for the falcon. Although they are meant for a Mustang, I am willing to take the gamble considering the price. If need be, I am prepared to weld and fabricate to make them fit. The truck is running okay, but the weather is less than ideal. The wipers are usable but not great, which made for an interesting 75-mile per hour trip up here.

After a long, rainy thunderstorm drive, I finally made it back home with the new leaf springs. I am yet to find out if they will fit, but given the sorry state of the current ones on the falcon, I am hoping for the best. The next task on the agenda is to work on the engine bay, tightening coolant lines, running fuel lines to the pump, and dealing with the distributor, carb, wiring, and various other components.

However, the biggest challenge arose when I realized that I did not have the key for the car. Not letting this setback deter me, I decided to take matters into my own hands. After disconnecting the switch, I carefully navigated the internals to improvise a solution. To my surprise, the gamble paid off. I successfully managed to extract the original lock and am now hopeful that it will work once tested with a battery.

Moving on to the lock cylinder, after some tinkering and trial and error, I found a solution using a piece of wire and a new set of keys. With a few maneuvers, the lock cylinder and the key seemed to be in working order. The real test, however, will be when it is powered up.

Back in the car, I focused on connecting the wirings to the ignition switch, and although it seemed a bit complex, I managed to get everything in place. The rest of the process involved fitting and securing the trim ring and assessing the illumination section for any signs of functionality.

In conclusion, the day was filled with challenges and triumphs, from sourcing parts at Walmart to improvising solutions for the missing key. Each task brought me one step closer to my ultimate goal – getting the falcon up and running. The journey continues as I look forward to the next phase of this exciting project.

What is the goal for today?

The goal is to get the falcon running today, though it’s uncertain if that will happen. The speaker is in a Walmart parking lot in Whitewater, Wisconsin, trying to grab some leaf springs for the falcon.

What is the status of the truck?

The truck is running all right, but the weather is not good. The wipers are usable but not that good, which made for an interesting trip up 70-75 miles per hour.

What work has been done on the falcon so far?

The speaker has obtained new leaf springs for the falcon, which may replace the old ones. Additionally, work has been done on the coolant lines, lower, fuel lines, valve cover gaskets, oil filling, distributor, carb, wiring, alternator wiring harness, starter hot wire, ground cable, and coil.

What was the process of replacing the car’s key switch?

The speaker disconnected the switch from the housing and used a step bit to drill out the original lock. Then, a new lock cylinder with a key was installed and tested to ensure proper functionality.

What work is left to be done on the car?

The remaining work includes hooking up the motor wiring harness, attaching the ignition switch wires, and figuring out the installation of the trim ring and illuminated section.

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