Reset Maintenance Light Toyota Camry 2015: A Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to Chimphon Cars! We’ve just completed the service on a 2015 Mini One, and now we’re going to demonstrate how to reset the service light. I have a little bit of oil on the floor as well just to prove it. Let me show you how to reset the service light and stay tuned for more car maintenance tips on this channel. If you haven’t subscribed already, do so now. Let me show you how to reset that service light.

The first thing we need to do is turn the ignition on. We notice that it’s telling us to service the car in 450 miles or by September 21. Okay, so it’s that message that we need to get rid of because we’ve just done the service. We’ve got the trip button there to reset the trip counter. So we simply leave the ignition on, without starting the engine, and hold the button in. It takes a few seconds until the menu comes up. There’s the one we want to reset, and if I just push the button, it scrolls through the others that we can reset. But let’s go back. To reset it, I simply hold the button again and then let go of it. So now it says “perform reset” with a question mark. I hold the button again, and it will perform the reset. Reset in progress, and then it should show reset. Now it says I need to service the car in 19,000 miles or by the sixth month of 2023.

If I just scroll through, you can see the other two there I could be resetting if I wanted to, but they’re not there. To go back to the main menu, simply turn the ignition off. Then, do a quick check now that the ignition’s off, flick it back on again, and there you go, confirmation. I next need to service this car in 19,000 miles or by June 22. I hope that’s helped. Let us know in the comments if you’ve got any further questions you want us to check out on a Mini 2015 Mini One.

How do I reset the service light on a 2015 Mini One?

To reset the service light on a 2015 Mini One, follow these steps: 1. Turn the ignition on and notice the service message. 2. Locate the trip button and hold it while the ignition is on but the engine isn’t started. 3. Keep the button pressed until the menu comes up, then locate the option to reset the service light. 4. Hold the button again to confirm the reset, and then let go. 5. The reset process will be in progress, and once completed, the service light will be reset. 6. Turn the ignition off and back on to verify that the service light has been reset.

What is the next service interval after resetting the light?

After resetting the service light, the next service interval for the 2015 Mini One is 19,000 miles or by the specified month and year.

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