Tesla Model Y Performance Upgrades: From Exterior Enhancements to Interior Final Touches

Hey guys, I recently upgraded to a 2022 Model Y performance edition and made a few modifications to it. I thought I’d give you a quick tour and answer some of the questions I’ve been getting about the upgrades. Here’s what I did:

Exterior Upgrades

I added a front carbon fiber spoiler lip and fog light accents to give the car a more aggressive appearance. The front and back badging were painted black for a better look than the original silver color. I also added a SpaceX logo and matte black paint to the dual motor emblem. To match the spoiler, I installed a carbon fiber accented license plate frame. Additionally, I put on rally armor mud flaps for both aesthetics and functionality.

I also added Tesla roof racks mainly for their aesthetic appeal. Carbon fiber rearview mirror covers, a camera cap, and carbon fiber side mirror covers further enhanced the exterior appearance.

Interior Upgrades

The floor mats are from a company called Auto Tailors and have a carbon fiber type material. I also installed white center console covers and trays, along with a Uniden R7 radar detector.

Final Touches

I added a carbon fiber cover for the center console, a camera cover, and a few more carbon fiber accents to the interior and exterior. Additionally, the lights and reflectors were painted, a custom fit mat was added for the back, and a white cap was placed for a finishing touch.

That’s about it for now. I’ll be sharing more content as I make additional modifications to my car. Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more! See you later!

What are some modifications made to the 2022 Model Y Performance edition?

Modifications made to the 2022 Model Y Performance edition include: – Front carbon fiber spoiler lip (painted plastic) for an aggressive appearance. – Fog light accents around the fog lights. – Black front and rear badging. – SpaceX logo and matte black paint on the dual motor logo. – Carbon fiber accent license plate frame. – Rally armor mud flaps. – Tesla roof racks for aesthetic purposes. – Carbon fiber side view mirror covers. – Carbon fiber cap for the camera. – Auto tailors floor mats. – Carbon fiber caps for various parts. – White center console cover. – Uniden R7 radar detector with a blend mount. – Various interior carbon fiber accents. – Custom-fit mats for the back.

Are there any particular products or brands mentioned for the modifications?

Yes, the following products or brands are mentioned for the modifications: – Various products from Amazon, RPM Tesla, and Abstract Ocean. – Auto tailors for floor mats and custom-fit mats. – Uniden R7 radar detector with a blend mount.

Where were the modifications done?

The modifications were done at Ultimate Auto in Orlando, Florida.

Any recommendations or cautions for specific modifications?

It is recommended to have the front carbon fiber spoiler lip professionally done. Installers raised concerns about the included tools and suggested using their own bolts and screws. Additionally, the speaker mentions that some carbon fiber pieces did not fit correctly, and one specific carbon fiber display piece has never fit right and may be sent back eventually.

Any additional information about the modifications?

Additional modifications include painted lights and reflectors, a hardwired Uniden R7 radar detector, and a velcroed trash can for holding USB cables and other items.

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