Mastering Toyota RAV4 Tail Light Replacement: A Comprehensive Walk-through Guide

Good afternoon everybody, it’s DIY Dave here for an unexpected repair on a Toyota RAV4. Unfortunately, we had a little incident in a parking lot that resulted in some damage to the tail light. Today, we’ll be replacing the tail light and I’ll take you through the process.

Background on the Repair

While in a parking lot at a local shopping center, we had a near miss with another vehicle, causing a crack in the tail light lens. Since the car is new, I decided to let a body shop handle the additional scratches on the back fender. However, due to their tight schedule, I didn’t want to wait six weeks for the tail light replacement.

Getting the Replacement Part

I opted to get the replacement part from a local Toyota dealer, who had it overnighted. I chose an authentic Toyota module to ensure quality and compatibility with the car’s design.

Replacing the Tail Light

Upon analyzing the tail light, I realized it was a relatively simple process. After removing two mounting screws and disconnecting the power, I replaced the tail light module. The replacement part came with a new bulb, eliminating the need to salvage anything from the old part.

Key Considerations

I pointed out the importance of distinguishing between tail light parts for the body and the liftgate, emphasizing the need to specify the correct part when ordering from the dealer.

Completing the Repair

After successfully replacing the tail light, I verified its functionality and explained the benefits of handling the repair personally rather than involving the insurance company or a repair shop.


Concluding with a message of appreciation, I thanked the audience and encouraged DIY car repairs in similar situations. The video concluded with well-wishes for the viewers.

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