How to Check Mileage on a Tesla Model Y: A Comprehensive Guide


Hello everyone, welcome to Brian Unbox. In this video, I will go over briefly on how to access the odometer along with the trip counters on your Tesla.

With the frequent software updates and different versions, many of the features can change locations in the menu. This is for software version 11 2022.8.3.

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So let’s take a look.

To view the odometer, tap on the car icon on the lower left. On the next screen, tap trips. This will bring up the following on your screen and you can see the current trip since last charge distance, trip a, trip b, and on the bottom the odometer. If you scroll further down, it will allow you to reset the current trip, trip a, and trip b, and it’s that simple.


Again, tap on the car icon. On the next screen, tap on trips, and this will bring up the information.


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