Hyundai P0504 Error Code: Understand, Diagnose, and Fix it Successfully

If you’ve encountered trouble code P0504 on your vehicle, specifically related to the brake lights, you’re not alone. This issue is common in several vehicle models, including Mazda and Hyundai. Let’s dive into the details and troubleshooting process for this particular problem.

When experiencing trouble code P0504, the most noticeable symptom is the erratic behavior of the brake lights. In a demonstration video, it’s evident that even with the brake pedal fully engaged, the brake lights flicker, fail to illuminate, or exhibit inconsistent behavior. This inconsistency can pose a significant safety hazard on the road and needs to be addressed promptly.

The likely culprit behind trouble code P0504 is a faulty brake light switch. In the video, the location of the switch on a manual vehicle, such as a Mazda, is highlighted. Positioned near the brake pedal, the switch can be accessed by following the pedal upwards. For vehicles with a different configuration, the general location of the brake light switch may remain consistent, providing a starting point for inspection and replacement.

Notably, the brake light switch may have multiple wires, typically four, differentiating it from the clutch switch, which often has only two wires. This disparity necessitates specific testing methods, such as jumping the appropriate wires, to diagnose and confirm the switch’s malfunction. For vehicles with a two-wire brake light switch, a simple jump test can be performed to verify the issue.

To address trouble code P0504 and rectify the erratic brake light behavior, replacing the brake light switch emerges as the solution. By resolving this issue, the proper functioning of the brake lights, a critical safety component, can be reinstated, ensuring enhanced safety on the road.

In conclusion, if you encounter trouble code P0504 in your vehicle, the malfunction of the brake light switch is a probable cause. By identifying and replacing the faulty switch, the erratic behavior of the brake lights can be effectively resolved. Prioritizing the maintenance of critical safety components, such as brake lights, is imperative for a safe and reliable driving experience.

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What is trouble code p0504?

Trouble code p0504 is related to the brake lights and their correlation. It often indicates a problem in the brake light circuit.

How can I identify if my vehicle has trouble code p0504?

One common symptom is when the brake lights do not come on even when the brake pedal is pressed, indicating a potential issue with the brake light switch.

What is the solution for trouble code p0504?

If trouble code p0504 is stored, the vehicle’s brake light switch may need to be replaced. It is recommended to consult a professional mechanic for proper diagnosis and repair.

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